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Ön is szeretne ilyen modellel dolgozni?

Ön is szeretne ilyen modellel dolgozni?

Complex industrial drone services

Whether it's about area measurement, building diagnostics, or 3D modeling, contact us with confidence! We work with the most modern machines and techniques on the market, with a professionally prepared team.

Construction industry solutions

Whether it is a pre-project site survey, 3D model, project progress reports, or even individual requests, our company is readily available.

Marketing materials

We will also help you in the preparation of marketing materials, photos and videos related to the projects. With this, the company can get added value and its external communication will also increase in value. 

Energy and infrastructure

Inspection of solar farms, inspection of telecommunication transmission towers, inspection of wind farms, inspection of high-voltage towers and lines, inspection of bridges and highways.

Agricultural opportunities

Our company has special agricultural solutions, if you are interested in this, click below:

Image by Joshua Fuller

Modern technological background
Professionally trained team
Fast and precise work

After the agricultural drone services, the team of Drone Aviation Kft. also started on the industrial line, in order to provide our customers with the highest quality service here as well. With our RTK thermal camera drone, in addition to thermal camera tests, we also perform 3D modeling. We undertake the preparation of building diagnostic surveys, the monitoring of construction sites, the condition assessment of solar panels or even the production of marketing videos - feel free to contact us!

Discover the possibilities offered by industrial drone services!

Communication Tower
Constrcution Under Bridge
Gas Plant
Taxi On Road
Drone Camera

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The IndustAir team undertakes assignments nationwide, with a professionally prepared team and a modern technical and professional software background. 

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